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Wadd: The Life and Times of John C. Holmes

In the history of adult cinema, no name is better known than that of John C. Holmes. Wadd is a documentary that explores the many facets of the life and world of this pop-culture icon. From his in rural Ohio, to his death from AIDS, this film unravels the myths surrounding Holmes and lays bare the darker side of his persona.

Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 57

It’s another SOLO, almost ALL-color edition of the 60’s sex goddesses, kicking off with a big-haired platinum blonde with a pretty face, perky cones and a great rear view. Then a tousled busty hippie-ish chick goes ape with grapes (and bananas), while a double-ponytail blonde reads a cinema zine, then shows off a lean, surprisingly busty frame and a generous shapely behind, while a lushly curvy brunette lolls in bed. Later - to quote a great man, Wa-hoo! A creamy California blonde with a gorgeous face, fabulous figure takes her position in Bucky’s Honor Roll-ln-The-Hay; and later still, a bouffant, pretty redhead in heels strips to reveal pretty pert ones. A curvy Cher-haired brunette reads on her couch, and a vivacious brunette with long locks and an hourglass figure romps on a striped bed spread. A snatch or two of B&W now: a busty brunette in a fluffy teddy; a golden tousled sultry blonde with cute cupcakes couch bump-and-grinding. Then color again as a delicately pretty brunette shyly shows off her slender shapely self.

Hospital Da Corrupcao E Dos Prazeres

Fiscalizacao baixa em hospital suspeito de corrupcao, mas acaba encontrando muito mais que isso..em meio as orgias que corroerem no hospital, grupo tentara desmontar a quadrilha..Boca do lixo pura do cinema nacional, raridade digna de colecionador!!!

Little Darlin's

Anyone had bought the dvd released by Alternative Cinema in march. I know that with Jim Clark's it's hit or miss, but since it had a commentary track with Robert Kerman and Jerry Butler, and usually Kerman is interesting... I think of buying it in may, but since it's a costly one if you take in count that our money is weak currently (it will probably cost not too far from 40 $CAN) I prefer to have an idea before of the commentary quality. Not really my factor #1 but... Is it a good film? The synopsis is sure interesting

Champagne for Breakfast

The sexiest mature woman ever to appear in XXX cinema! Kay Parker was most famous for her roll in Taboo films, yet many fans don't realize she appeared in many other excellent hardcore productions during her career. Filmed in 1980, Champagne For Breakfast features Kay Parker as she joins the cast of this all star Essex production as a fiercely horny business woman!

Fuk Fuk A Brasileira

FUK FUK A BRASILEIRA (aka FUK FUK THE Brazilian) is a goofy piece of South American sleaze that should be a bit more appealing to the "average" exploitation/porn fan. Eschewing many of the typical 80s-era Brazilian porn entrapments (namely the common graphic depictions of guy-on-guy sex) - FUK FUK is a bit more "universal" slice of un-PC sleaze that is sexy, trashy, and truly funny at the same time. FUK FUK (played by mini-Brazilian porn-star Chumbinho) is a freaky-deaky little guy with a crate full of dildos who has a knack for finding his way out of and getting himself into some sticky situations. Whether it involves flushing himself down a toilet to escape a jealous husband, stealing a passerby's umbrella as a disguise, putting a dildo on his foot to pleasure a housewife, having his dick almost cut off with hedge-clippers, whacking-off while staring at a statue while looking through a hole in a piece of wood, jerking-off to a poster of Marilyn Monroe and then toying with a giant penis statue that shoots a ginormous load in his face, or inexplicably shooting fireworks out of his ass - FUK FUK is here to please... Yet again, I have zero idea what the hell FUK FUK A BRASILEIRA is actually about. The plots of pretty much all of these Brazilian hardcore/exploit films make absolutely no sense to me. What I can tell you, is that FUK FUK is one of the "lighter", more ridiculously bizarre, and more entertaining pieces of Brazilian trash-cinema that I've seen. If you think that you'd dig an unintelligible film about a midget getting caught in a bunch of sexually compromising situations, then you'll probably like this one. I know I did...I think

Sex Academy

I don't know; it's just something about the plot that gives me pause. I mean, if I were a male student at a spy school run by Tamara Longley, and I were given a password and told that I must not reveal it, no matter what the female students did to get it out of me, and that the punishment for copping out would be that I'd have to repeat the course, I don't think I'd worry too much about keeping my word private. And if I were a female student assigned to get that password at any cost, and the prize for success was a session of my own with the lovely Ms. Longley, I'd certainly do my utmost to get that word. So who cares about the plot? The sex is terrific! Joey Silvera is the first to enjoy the pleasures of being a spy, and his blonde partner certainly does her best. Talk about hot! Her well-padded breasts lightly grazing his chest, as she intones, "Give me the word . . . the word." It's enough to raise your pressure. But not all the ladies are good spies. Jessica Wylde has the double problem of being unable to lure the male student of her choice into her bedroom, and of having Tamara suspect that she's a double agent. But when she finally does get into the action, you won't be disappointed. Her waist-length hair adds an eroticism seldom seen in shot-on-video productions. It's too bad we have to wait until the end to really see Tamara in action (she has one early girl/girl scene with Kristara Barrington) but when she struts her stuff, you'll see why she's considered one of the hottest actresses in adult cinema today. And speaking of Kristara, she's one hot cookie too . . . but, I'm sorry to say, outshined by just about everybody else. Me, I want to see more of Jessica Wylde's hair.

M's Wishes

This is an early porn from late 60's (later corrected: 1971), when the blue movie industry was stiil considered underground and subjected to law penalties. It has no cast and crew credits (corrected: actors list at the bottom), only the title and the end ones. The film is worthy as a fine example of the adult cinema before the Deep Throat (1973) phenomena that made porn film enter regular movie theaters. Very low budget. It has a few exteriors scenes and most of the action occurs in the house location waht means that the film must have been shot (16mm) in a day or two. But it's all there. All kind of camera angles that are still used today. The actors are awful but the girls are fine. For those who care, the story deals with family values.

Fast Cars Fast Women

The sexiest mature woman ever to appear in XXX cinema! Kay Parker was most famous for her roll in Taboo films, yet many fans don't realize she appeared in many other excellent hardcore productions during her career. Filmed in 1981, Fast Cars, Fast Women features Kay Parker as a race car owner who gives her young drivers lessons in pleasing an older woman!

Comando Explicito

Entre os diretores da Boca do Lixo, o paulistano Alfredo Sternheim foi um dos mais atuantes. Ao contrário da maioria dos cineastas de cinema explícito, Alfredo nunca usou pseudônimo, e pagou caro por isso. Por isso Comando Explícito é uma raridade. Em 1986, Alfredo Sternheim dirigiu o filme Comando Explícito, sobre um homem extremamente obcecado por uma garota, que se utiliza de todos os meios para tê-la, praticando seqüestros e outras barbaridades.

Hard Cinema

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Aggeloi Diastofis

A hyperactive man (Harry Broumel) offers its services to one another, sexually inactive (George Georgiou). Sometimes the supplying and sometimes porn film allows him to take eye. Finally, supplier and customer will sit together to watch a porn video hard, to treat impotence of the second. One of the staples dirtiest scenes in the history of Greek cinema, with a unique key pair and scenes from past productions and justify the unexpected appearance of great sex star of the season in a fake hardcore scene.

Ta Mej I Dalen Countrylife

Ta Mey I Dalen (Countrylife) is a Swedish film with three American performers. Sweden's liberal attitude toward sexuality remains more tolerant than that of the USA. It was this way even as far back as 1967, when Vilgot Sjoman's "I Am Curious (Yellow)" became the first movie with explicit sex to get theatrical playdates in the USA. Until recently, on-screen depiction was prohibited in Swedish cinema. So Swedish directors had to find edges around to which to suggest aggression. Here is one example. Chris Chittel owns a farm. He has a dominant-male attitude. When he wants sex, he expects his female staff to immediately cease what they are doing and satisfy him. His American cousin (Eric Edwards) is visiting. C. Chittel tries to imbue his beliefs upon E. Edwards; but his way does not work for his cousin. The European women in this film, including Jacqueline Laurent (absolutely stunning for a 55-year-old), are beautiful, attainable, and fresh. You'll love them all. The threat is provided by C. Chittel's housekeeper, who loathes him and the entire lascivious atmosphere. She is planting dynamite all around the farm, intending to explode it off the face of the earth. You can surmise that she is halted in her plan. You might even be able to guess how and by whom she is stopped. I believe you will agree with me that films like this succeed in making explicit hardcore sex more palatable to those who have only seen what lines the shelves at video stores today.

Golden Age Of Porn: Young Seka

Seka is, without a doubt, the undisputed queen of blue cinema. See her when she was young and fresh, yet posessed of the erotic fury which made her the legend she is today. Watch her suck, f**k and eat cum better than many of her contemporaries. Seka: the first is still the best.

Pour Une Blonde

Lucas is the head of a private-eye agency. While his assistant Jenny is out at work, he watches a porn cassette he has received from a customer who thinks his daughter (Anne) can be seen in it. Jenny is keeping a watch on Dolores, a brunette who goes to a porn cinema and has an adventure with a man from the audience (Dominique Aveline). Jenny joins them. Then the two women go to a hotel where they make love together. Dolores tells Jenny she is married to an "avant-garde" film-maker who ignores her. Meanwhile, Lucas meets Elise, Anne's lover, who convinces him to bring her back. Lucas discovers the identity of the author of the porn movie featuring Anne (a man called Bobinard, alias for Edmé Koumat!). It dawns on Lucas that Koumat is also Dolores's husband. Koumat aknowledges making porn to finance his "avant-garde" films. The film ends on Koumat bringing his cameraman and a young brunette (spitting image of French director: Marie-Hélène Breillat) to film the inescapable final orgy in Lucas's office.

Caught from Behind

The first installment of the anally fixated series was a revelation when it was released in 1982. Director Hal Freeman was one of the first to recognize the ultimate erotic allure of back door boffing, and his searing collection turned heads among fans and film makers alike. The action is strung together very loosely by a young couple who spy on their apartment complex neighbors as they engage in all manner of booty busting bedlam. A curly-haired brunette shares her naughty nether regions with a pair of mustachioed studs in a steamy DP blast, while a svelte little blonde cupcake enjoys the amorous attentions of three well-built hunks. A pouty-lipped bad girl gets in on some rear entry ribaldry of her own in another apartment. All of this torrid trysting eventually gets the peeping couple all worked up, so they invite some of their lusty neighbors over for a lascivious little get-together. The small party quickly escalates into a full-throttle group grope that finds the binoculor-toting blonde getting in on some DP dilly-dallying of her own. While most of the performers are relatively unknown today, they all turn in ravenous, white-hot scenes that brought the notion of anal action to the forefront of hardcore cinema. A landmark video that still holds up today!

Sex With Soul

Continuing the tradition of bringing viewers the best in vintage sepia smoker celluloid, Historic Erotica proudly unveils the most unusual and eccentric collection of multigender, multiethnic stag films with soul that have ever scorched the screen. If you have a taste for brown sugar, both male and female, then you can't afford to pass up this classic example of cinema SEX WITH SOUL.


A sexual drama of uncommon depth, 'Mascara' is one of the best sex films of director Henri Pachard's career. The film stars Lisa DeLeeuw in one of her best roles ever, playing a lonely young woman who spends her days in the pool and her nights looking for lust in all the wrong places. After a particularly disappointing one night stand, Lisa decides to see how the other half lives. She finds a mentor in high-priced call girl Lee Carroll, and starts spending her night engaged in some pay-for-play passion of her own. Lisa indulges her every erotic appetite, whether it's taking on two guys at once or experiencing lesbian lust in the arms of a sultry siren. Things quickly get a bit heady for Lisa and she starts to wonder whether a life devoted purely to sensual pleasure is such a great thing after all. Lisa's performance here is mesmerizing, as she finds herself delving deeper and deeper in her debaucherous dreams. In fact, all of the actors here are quite good, turning what could have been a silly, slapdash effort into a timelessly erotic enchantment. The emotions and depth of characterization are unlike anything even attempted in modern porn. Ambitious, erotic and totally uncompromising, 'Mascara' is one of the true classics of 80s hardcore cinema.

The Return Of Johnny Wadd

During the "Golden Age Of Adult" John C Holmes created a character known to all adult cinema fans as "Johnny Wadd". John Holmes actually became synonymous with Johnny Wadd - The Ultimate Bad Ass, hard living, skirt chasing detective in the mold of Dirty Harry and Sam Spade.

Coisas Eroticas

Coisas Eroticas, de 1981, e o primeiro filme brasileiro a conter cenas de sexo explicito. Com a chegada do filme de arte japones Imperio dos Sentidos, de 1976, que ficou conhecido pelo publico por causa de algumas cenas explicitas, os exibidores brasileiros comecam a exigir dos produtores obras cinematograficas com o mesmo tipo de apelo. A Empresa Cinematografica Rossi, do italo-brasileiro Raffaele Rossi resolveu sair na frente e presenteou a plateia com Coisas Eroticas. O filme e composto por tres historias, duas delas dirigidas por Rossi e uma por Laente Calicchio. A historia que abre o filme e a mais popular entre os adoradores da fase explicita do Cinema da Boca do Lixo, pois comeca com o astro Oasis Minitti descascando uma bronha enquanto toma banho. Depois ele acaba conhecendo uma modelo no transito de Sao Paulo, que o chama para curtir um fim-de-semana num sitio. A filha da modelo fica de olho no estranho e... Segundo materia do site Revista de Cinema, Coisas Eroticas esta em 15? lugar numa lista das 50 maiores bilheterias do cinema brasileiro. Para ver Coisas Eroticas, 4.525.401 brasileiros pagaram ingressos

Pen Pals

Pen Pals is an early honey-humper by the great Shaun Costello, without doubt the most significant (and probably the most prolific) sinéaste of the entire New York School. Costello's films generally exhibit the hip, urban, jaundiced sensibility of Paul Morrissey's Warhol fare: willfully anti-artistic, they radiate an engaging cynicism that somehow reinvigorates them as cinema. Gerry Damiano may have been bigger, Joe Davian may have been kinkier, and Chuck Vincent may have pulled off better production values, but the films of Shaun Costello sum up the spirit of New York porn in a 60-minute nutshell.

Cum To Dinner

Kitten Navatidad was one of Russ Meyer's favorite leading ladies - not to mention his main squeeze - for years. She eventually left Russ behind and went hardcore. The huge-breasted diva stars here in a relatively plotless but nevertheless blistering ode to the wandering eye. All of the people named in the credits are related to one another one way or another through their significant others, and in the course of this blistering little mix-and-match epic, each of them strays long enough to light up the screen with some remarkably hot sex. Kitten leads the charge, boffing her way through scene after scene of high-octane coital congress, and laying down her epic eroticism like napalm. Then there's Kimberly Dawn, one of the most under-rated adult cinema stars of all time, who blasts through some incredible mogambo here, closing out her scene with a little above-and-beyond-the-call kink. Look too for porn legend Stacy Nichols, doing that voodoo that she do so well, and leaving her partner here a whimpering, spent hunk o' flesh when she's done with him.

Treasure Box

Back in the Golden Age of Adult Cinema, John C. Holmes finished out his career with a series of great big budget movies written and Directed by Patti Rhodes. The Treasure Box is a fine example. A big cast, great on scene locations and an intricate story are the trademarks of this very special time in adult entertainment. John C. Holmes, the King of X. stars in this collectible and enjoyable sex film. The hunt is on as our cast of characters search for the hidden treasure. Beautiful outdoor scenery and beautiful people are abundant in this classic feature. There are 3 ways, all girl scenes and the supreme horn dog, John C. Holmes unleashing his massive manhood on the unsuspecting starlets of the day.

Paris Frivol

Morning - she goes out. Claire (Kelly Deep) arrives and changes into basque, discovers Christophe in only a towel which expands outwards as she bends over in front of him - b/g. Cut to a street scene. A brunette in a red dress is seen approaching and entering a porn cinema. Brigitte Verbecq is having lesbian sex on screen. The brunette turns out to be the usherette (Sylvie Door). She gives oral sex to a male patron. Then she goes into the projection room and has sex with the projectionist. The first blonde arrives home and discovers her fiancé having sex with Claire. Then the projectionist arrives to visit his friend christophe and Lisbeth seduces him in revenge. An aerobics class takes place in the apartment - five girls including LIsbeth and Claire. Naked Christophe and his friend the projectionist spy from the next room. A brunette, the teacher (Annick Chatel) and a blonde (XNK1449) leave, contemptuously brushing past Christophe and his friend. But the two men are invited in to join Kelly Deep (Claire), Chris Messaline (Lisbeth) and a third girl (Marilyn). A five-some follows. After this scene and 35 mins into the title Pénétrations anales appears in the German release. This title has been lifted from another film. The locale then switches and we see Mr Dracel (Gérard Grégory) at his desk next to a telephone and his doll (!). His butler is sweeping the floor next to him. Gérard telephones Kelly Deep at the apartment. Scene between original blonde and Christophe. There seems to be some sort of scam whereby Mr. Dracel advertises for babysitters and then has sex with them. Kelly Deep goes to his house and strips down to basque. BJ for Gérard, while she is taken from behind (anal) by butler. Next two girls arrive at Gérard's (Eve and Obaya Roberts in a brunette wig). They strip and have sex with Gérard and his butler.

The Wayward Mistress

THE WAYWARD MISTRESS is a case of porn-makers with delusions of adequacy. This pretentious junker is a boring time-killer, but fortunately is paired with an excellent & arousing co-feature SEX SPA in the After Hours Cinema edition, featuring overlapping casts.

Plainte Contre X 2

Thanks to this new concept of cinema X-verite, penetrate into the spicy scenes hidden behind the most incredible cases of immorality. This true story shot without the least concession, as hard and as violent as scarcely imaginable, which scandalized all of Italy, will lead you in to the decadent and depraved world of hustling Italian politics.