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You can look at my sexy feet while you stroke your cock JOI

I love how much my feet turn you on. Just looking at them gives you a huge boner. I'll let you look but you can't touch them. Get on the floor and start stroking while I tease you with my feet in your

Get over here and play with my feet right now

Oh my goodness. Are you looking at my feet? Well I can't really blame you. I have the prettiest little feet you'll ever see. Don't you just love looking at them?

Sister gives another bathroom show

This time she's plucking her armpits in her panties and bra looking at the cam and standing right in front of it to give us a good view knowing that the cam is recording her.

I love how hard your dick gets just from looking at my feet

You are a pathetic slob. You disgust me. I’m going to shove my pretty feet down your throat until you choke. I love having this power over you.

Tijuana Blue

A whiny dude scores some unnamed stuff from a rather mysterious gentleman in a fedora, shades, and raincoat. The man tries to entice the hapless hippie into doing some running for him, but dude's not into it. His tune changes after he finds out his girlfriend is pregnant ("Ya dumb cunt! Things don't just happen!" he thoughtfully says) and he comes back to Mr. X for the job. Soon, he and his horny visor-wearing cohort are driving to Tijuana to score some dope to mule back. With only the name of a strip club as a contact, they find the place, and what a place it is: one skanky gal dances and gets eaten out, while an extremely busty gal with Weng Weng nipples blows a guy at the bar, all to the tune of Mitch Ryder's "Sock It To Me-Baby" and Question Mark and the Mysterians' "96 Tears"! After engaging in some dangerous activities with these gals, the runners get the name they are looking for ("Oddball") and are then directed to a whorehouse. They then watch one hooker penetrate the other with two dildos, give them some business, then it's off to the beach for a meeting with Oddball and a truly hilarious twist ending. Seriously!

Good Lust Charm

Just because Nikki Charm is on the cover, don’t expect to see her cute little kisser all over this shot-on-video compilation tape. Her blondness opens this collection of clips with 20 minutes of fireplace backlit action, but then she’s gone. The rest of the sex is hot, well photographed and well performed. Too bad the editors – if there are any – didn’t bother to link these segments together somehow. As it is, it seems this is nothing more than a collection of editing room rejects. But these “rejects” – like the matador sequence, the “generation gap” scenes and the young couple’s first time – really sizzle. As compilation tapes go, there’s 70 minutes of good sex here. But if you’re looking for some continuity with your copulation, look elsewhere.

Organ Juice

Organ Juice is a real hoot. MARC STEVENS (again) cums on his girlfriend’s face and, the next morning, her pimples are gone! "A million-dollar idea!" Stevens calls it. "Let’s flask it!" Thus, Organ Juice! All his friends are invited in on it and collecting Organ Juice becomes the order of the day. The dialogue here is hilarious. Stevens gives a couple of speeches about how to turn Organ Juice into a million-dollar idea that are positively priceless. In addition, ERIC EDWARDS hams it up as a stereotypical flaming gay executive secretary to Sophie (not Helena) Rubenstein. Their banter about Fire Island is a riot, after which they fuck on her desk. It just so happens that the Rubenstein corporation is looking for a natural, organic blemish cream. So guess what happens next? Yup! Organ Juice! Better yet, watch what happens next. The Deviate got a major kick out of this one, a ’70s hardcore comedy that’s really hot and funny. You’ll no doubt want to donate some Organ Juice of your own!

Hot Shorts Presents Crystal Breeze

A beautiful, delicate looking babe, this super sexpot with the hot throbbing itch between her legs gives her all. Crystal loves to explore her bisexuality and she does just that in this video. We got her best in this ultra-hot, cum-drenched video of sizzling erotica. Enjoy the show!

Bitches In Heat Volume 6

If you're looking for a good classic porn flick, this is the movie for you. It has 4 great sex scenes for you to check out. You'll love watching the lesbian scenes! First you'll see two sexy sluts fucking each other while a peeping tom stands outside looking in the window! But he gets his just desserts! The second scenes features two lovely ladies in the bathtub doing what every man dreams about watching! There are two male-female scenes too with lots of cock sucking and fucking going on! Enjoy!

Sweet Summer

School's out for the girls and a long semester of intense studies has taken its tole on their luscious young bodies. They're looking for some real action when they run into a travel agent who has just the right medicine. He's got a bunch of buddies up on the delta that haven't been around girls in a long time and they're hot to trot. When the two get together the skirts start flying in this exciting summer of lust and excitement. Plenty of sex is in the offering as well as an exciting treasure hunt that turns out to be the real thing.

Sex Symbol

It's not me to take my clothes off in front of a camera! Angela Summers screams at Tianna. that's like Ted Kennedy saying, "I think the young lady was mistaken, officer." Movie producer Sean Michaels wants Summers to disrobe. I just hope his sales pitch is slicker than his opening scene with assistant Tianna where he stumbles over his lines like Helen Keller looking for an electrical outlet. Summers has a "convince me to do this" scene with Tianna that's fairly ballistic. But watch out, here comes the cliche! "Let's look at some videos and see how tasteful your scene can be," says Tianna. You know the rest. Trixie Tyler renders a couple of scenes, one with Michaels that's pretty decent. By the way, Angela gets convinced, and she carries out her mission with Biff Malibu in grand style. But, I bet you already knew that.

Sexual Relations

Not much plot or story is needed when you have girls like Kelly Royce and porn legends like Randy West. This is a series of hot scenes with perfect looking chicks just having fun and fucking their brains out on big hard cocks. The threesome and the magical facial at the end is the culmination of the movie, easily one of the hottest scenes of the early nineties and one you should definitely not miss.

Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 18

What a pretty blonde!...Lounging on the red bed with her pointy pink tongue darting and nice big casabas swaying... And this kinda ordinary-looking ’60s couple playing footsie...what is that guy with the ponytail, a stoned-aged Yuppie? Some nice-looking girls in nasty action, now: like this cute pixie-haired brunette with the bodacious build, and the cute dark-haired busty blonde...are those pencil erasers on her chest, or is she just glad to see us? Whaddya know! A short-haired ’60s guy! Pokin’ his paw in that shapely blonde’s panties, checking out her hair situation. Jeez! How did this skinny dude wind up with two busty beehive babes! There’s no justice.

Full Moon Fever

If you've ever had the night sweats...then you've had Full Moon Fever! There's something mysterious about a full moon. Some say it tends to bring out the loneliness in people. Those who are alone pine over the ideal lover they've never had. While others yearn for the touch of the imperfect lover they've lost. Then there are those who think a full moon is magic...its nocturnal light there solely to illuminate the path for lovers looking each other. And yet, others swear that a full moon just makes people crazy. But maybe crazy is just another word for lust. Yeah, a full moon sure can play tricks on you...especially where lust is concerned!

Black Mariah

Oh man, this one's definitely going to piss some people with no sense of humor off! Subtitled "A Black Sex Comedy," this unique video is often very funny, while retaining its sexuality. Opening with old black and white cartoons full of racial caricatures along with old stereotypical film clips, they soon are zinging the jokes in a Laugh In-gone-naked style. A typical one is, "What do a sperm and a negro have in common? Only one in 150,000 work!" Offensive – maybe. Funny – yes. The sex then kicks into gear with Dominique playing with her pussy. Pretty soon it's "Hi, ho silver dildo time." After a couple more jokes, she's joined by a good-looking black stud. Later there's lots more jokes, fake commercials, some girl/girl action, an interracial boy/girl encounter, some more boy/girl and threesome black action, and a couple amusing country music tunes. Most of the sex works just fine. Black Mariah is not mean spirited, but does at times come close to crossing the line of acceptability. The sets and technical aspects are all top-notch. Highly recommended for the adventurous and open minded who can still enjoy a politically incorrect joke.

Snatch Motors

Looking for a deal in a new imported car? Tired of pushy salespeople in bad polyester clothing? Then why not pay a visit to Snatch Motors- where every customer gets the white-glove treatment in more ways than one? Snatch's helpful- attractive sales staff is willing to do anything to make the deal go down-even if it means going down! So whether you're looking for a new set of wheels- or just a hot place to park your pud for a couple of hours- pull into Snatch Motors.

Talk Dirty to Me 9

Talk Dirty To Me 9 winds up something like an 80-minute commercial for lesbian dial-a-date. Sex talk show hostess Dr. Connie Morris (Ashlyn Gere) is suspected of being a lesbian - an incendiary piece of news that causes Gere's ratings to plummet faster than Woody Allen's popularity index. Neither really defending nor denying (at least persuasively) the accusations, Gere is starting to attract a lot of lesbian callers-in who have decided to come out of the closet. You'd swear a lot of the call-in dialogue sounds like reconstituted Penthouse Forum letters. Gere's show is on the verge of getting pole-axed, but her misfortunes aren't occurring by accident. Alex Jordan has a competing talk show, and Jordan is at the helm of a conspiracy to frame Dr. Morris - notwithstanding the fact that Jordan's character is herself a lesbian, but not a very active one, judging the merits of her scene with lover Lacey Rose. In a bright outdoor pool setting, Jordan goes to muff-dive Rose, but Alex's mouth looks like it's been super-glued to Lacey's pussy - the scene stresses that one and one angle only. B-o-r-i-n-g! Ditto a simultaneous masturbation sequence featuring Randi Jones and Christine Appleleigh. Yawn. The show tries to make some valid points, and its look is technically solid. However, an attempt to cram in a 1000 points of light on gay lifestyles while getting the requisite number of sex scenes leaves the overall production looking hurried and incomplete with an absolutely cornball resolution. The fact that psychologist Peter North gives Gere a "gay test" (for crying out loud) to prove she's normal and thus save her program, is absurdist poppycock. A couple of the sex scenes are cut abruptly; Marc Wallice is credited in the production but his actual screen appearance is reduced to five seconds of camera cutaway, as he "spies" on Chrissy Ann having some very brief outdoor sex with Kris Newz. (There's a behind-the-scenes explanation for the Wallice thing, I'm sure.) Anal fans will be disappointed that Stacey Nichols who is famous for her butthole beatifics performs only straight sex with lawyer (???!!!) T.T. Boy, while Gere looks just plain "screen-tired" for the most part, especially in her early-on tryst with Mike Horner. A noble dress rehearsal if it were a rehearsal, but somebody's slip is showing.

Frontin' Da Booty

You know how it is. Sometimes you just gotta have it. And there's no better place to boogie in the butt than at Wicked Picture's Booty Central. Problem is, when you get that certain urge, you just can't hang with some ho' fronting that thang. No problem. When you in the house at Wicked, there's always plenty to go around. So if you're looking for pussy, or the hottest backdoor action this side of the 'hood you came to the right place.

The Phantom of the Cabaret

Actually shot on location in Paris, this 1989 re-telling of the Phantom of the Opera story is a moody, surprisingly effective success. The story has been updated to the present day, and the opera house has been turned into a seedy strip club owned by Rick Savage. Jamie Gillis plays the Phantom, a lonely man who works as the janitor at the club. He wears a mask to hide a hideous scar in his face, but he has nowhere to hide from the taunts and insults of his greedy boss. Into this scene comes writer Randy Spears, who's looking for stories among the swirl of American ex-pats on the Left Bank. Randy meets and falls for a sweet girl from the States who works as a stripper at Rick's club (played memorably by a youthful Keisha). But Rick's a mean so-and-so, and he's determined to show all of his girls just who's boss. He puts them through some degrading moments, including chocking up one of his strippers (Bionca) to have sex with the long-suffering Phantom. Don't be scared off by all this plot, though -- it only serves as a backdrop for some fabulously captured sex form some of the 80's top starlets. Keisha and Collette (a brunette from France) particularly stand out, turning in searing scenes and looking absolutely gorgeous.

Reif fur die Insel

Looking for something hot and dirty? Then this great 80s porn movie is just perfect for you! It starts with a raunchy lesbian action in a gym, and you won't be able to look away from the screen even for a second till the end. Hot blowjobs, crazy fucking, explosive orgasms and awesome cum shots - isn't it what every vintage porn admirer wants?

Girls Will Be Boys 2

Here we go again... If you thought part one was hot, just wait till you feast your eyes on this ALL GIRL ANAL EXTRAVAGANZA! Part one was only a tease when you compare it with this awesome feature. It's the best looking girls doing what only men have done! You're about to witness the most biz-arre tail of pure, unadulterated girl/girl sex ever. It's non-stop dildo inserting, tongue licking, finger fricking passion ever to be seen on any screen. Only a mind like Duck Dumont could envision this kind of action! Prepare yourself for the absolute in all girl action because this is... Girls Will Be Boys, Part 2!

Straight Boys Do

Straight to bed. Straight to your heart. Straight to long, hot... well, know the rest by now. (Yeah - straight to your lube drawer). If any of these dudes are straight though, then I'm Chuck Heston. Not believable in the least bit, but worthy for the deep-throating job that Dany pulls off on Lon's schlong. Brock Logan's looking hot, too. Straight Boys may, but this bunch of fags wouldn't know a straight boy if he back-slapped them and bought them a ale at a Flyers game. Good sex here; just don't believe the hype about the title.

Nackt und kess am Konigssee

The 'Königssee' is a beautiful lake located in Bavaria and surrounded by high mountains. Looking back at the history of the Bavarians, the narrator starts introducing Toni, the poacher, and his wife Marein to us. After Toni has said good-bye to her she's visited by Franz, the host's son with whom she will have sex later. The story continues on a quiet sunday morning. After church Zenzi, the chambermaid of the guesthouse, meets her boyfriend, a farm worker, in a stable. They have fast sex which leaves her really disappointed. Meanwhile the male inhabitants have gathered in the guesthouse as a stranger appears. MacFitz is wearing a kilt and turns out to be a Scotsman. He then rents a room for the night. At night he's visited by Resie, the waitress, but he refuses sex with her. After he has hidden in a wardrobe she lays down in his bed to finger her clit. When she's ready she reaches for a book which belongs to him. It must be some kind of diary from which she learns that he is searching for a private herb which will cure him of his impotence. The news spreads fast among the natives and everybody tries to find out where the herb grows. The following sex scenes seem to be just fantasies: Ernie (the host's wife) has lesbian sex with Zenzi and the mayor bangs Ernie. The host himself seduces his chambermaid Resie. After she has milked his cock between her huge tits MacFitz takes over immediately. He has obviously overcome his crisis and spurts huge loads on her back. MacFitz knows that a private map is hidden in the wall of the city hall. At night he goes there but is disturbed various times. The mayor finds him takes the map away. Next morning MacFitz is found by the crowd and tells them what has happened. They follow the mayor to Toni's farm which is the only place where the herb grows. In the end we get a great showdown between Toni, who has been caught in the act, and the rest of the pack.

Hard to Stop

An aspiring filmmaker searches for financing to fund her movie. She soon finds out that many potential "investors" are looking for a return on their investment that isn't limited to just money.

Creatures Of The Night

Just staring at the excellent packaging of Creatures Of The Night is almost enough to make my fluids boil. I mean, seeing pretty Angel Kelly and sultry Jessica Wylde looking like wild anis in a hot embrace really had me looking forward to a passionate, sensuous evening of video viewing. But the steamy side of this sexvid gets lost amidst a convoluted story of a researcher (Kelly) who is trying to tap into people's innermost sexual thoughts. Kelly unscrupulously uses her friends as guinea pigs, and watches with more than interest as their deepest desires are recorded in her machine. Of course, thanks to the magic of video we get to see these fantasies come to life, but the disjointed nature of the scenes interrupts the eroticism. Also, I wish somebody would turn off all those special effect sounds. The electronic whirrs and zappps get annoying after awhile. Still, some good sex manages to find its way to the screen. Wylde is the star here, and lives up to her name in scenes with Damon Cashmere and Frank James. The rest of the scenes are marred by the dreamlike scenarios and constant whinning of the soundtrack. A little more attention to some technical points, and a little better effort from director Phil Prince to motivate his cast, would have earned Creatures that third A.

Junge Madchen Heisse Korper

Males include Gerard Luig who appears minus moustache. This is a very plot-based porn movie which comes along with a strong moral attitude: anonymous sex parties with multiple partners are not the key to happiness in life, but just a sign of moral decay. Maybe it's just meant as a warning, as the movie was made in the early 80's, when the AIDS crisis got under way. Anyway, the flick contains group sex but Angie, the leading character, gets along without any hardcore scenes at all. All in all it's similar to Heiße Schnecken. Angie, a tall attractive blonde, works at a boutique. All she needs is a friendly face, but she's not really satisfied. Her colleague Michaela invites her to what turns out to be a spin-the-flask party, including some striptease and hard sex. Angie is disgusted and leaves early. She makes an appointment with an old friend of her's, Rita. Together they visit a discotheque. The two girls want to spend the night together, but Rita's pushy boyfriend makes Angie run away. While Rita and the guy have sex, Angie's car fails to start. She gets some unexpected help from a stranger named Charlie. Next day she has a dispute with her boss and quits her job. But the search for a new one isn't easy at all. All advertised vacancies (sauna club, model for a painter and art photographer) involve sex and that's not what Angie is looking for. Accidently the friendly mechanic crosses her path a second time and turns out to be a rich and charming guy. She gets her own boutique and the search for some mannequins leads her to an old girlfriend named Babs, who's running some kind of club. Charlie, who has become distrustful, tries to lead her into temptation and she gets an invitation for another group sex party, but she resists and eventually becomes his wife. Recommendable only to collectors and those with a strong interest in classic porn, but too greasy for my taste.

Euro Stars 2

The exchange rate of the Euro Star to the US Babe may fluctuate, but one thing never changes...the fact that Europe has some damned-hot and sexy pornstars! If you're looking to see more of the world, or at least see some sexy Europeans having hot, steamy, hardcore sex, then Euro-Stars 2 is just what you need!

Pleasure Before Business

This is a classic film. If you're looking for something classic that still has tons of sexy scenes in it, you've stumbled across a great flick! Sometimes, in the world of finance, you have to close a big deal with a bang. Close the doors and get comfortable as Historic Erotica brings you a special look behind the scenes at some very private meetings. Be prepared to take notes, you might just get involved in closing the deal!

Susannah Francesca (c.1990) - scene 3

(note: no sound. Original video had no live sound either). While the least salacious of the videos I have of her in this series, still fun to watch her undress and dress again. The way she keeps looking off camera always made me wonder if her boyfriend was standing just to the side, and she was performing for him.

Buffy Davis - Jon & Tom

More Buffy = More Gooder! This just goes to show; even without doing Anal, Buffy was still a showstopper. This is her looking her best in FF black Nylons and Spikes - like all good girls do!

Jeannie Pepper Collection

Big Tit Superstars Of The 80's!1980's.120m. Jeanne Pepper, Ron Jeremy, Billy Dee, Peter North, Randy West. If you think there weren't any memorable black female porn stars in the 80's, it's just because you haven't looked hard enough.Jeanne Pepper was just the ebony enchantress to spice up many an otherwise whitewashed production, and oftentimes the highpoint. She had smooth chocolate skin, an anti gravity ass, and big dark nipples floating in a sea of overstuffed titty. We've scoured through the depths of 80's tapes and you are rewarded with 2 hours of Jeanne doing white guys, black guys, anal, black girls, and more! She keeps looking like a million bucks no matter how much she gets fucked!├В┬а

Gold Run

This classic film features some of the hottest porn stars with great bodies that will make your eyes wet just from looking at them. The pool is where everyone goes to relax and just have fun. The girls in this movie get more than wet and experience a lot more fun

Exotic clip vintage movie with Nina Hartley and Thomas Paine

Two sexually frustrated female scientists create the perfect lover in their lab. He turns out to be an insatiable robot, who goes out in the streets looking for the perfect female. Finding their male partners to be less than perfect, two girls design a sexually superior man in the form of an android who can more than satisfy every women's desire. But they made him just a little too perfect; unleashing a Frankenstein Stranger of sexual frenzy on the world. Well plotted with red-hot sex scenes and outstanding acting. Ultimate Lover is the ultimate sex film.

Incredible interracial vintage scene with Jacqueline and Jamie Gillis

This lust-filled romp is really a daffy hardcore version of the Hollywood mummy flick. Nina Hartley plays Akasha, a sexually voracious vixen who lived in ancient Egypt. Her tomb has just been uncovered by some adventurous archeologists who don't suspect what it is they've found. Nina comes back to life and unwraps herself one night, only to be spotted by plumber Sean Michaels. Nina treats him to a fiery tryst that ends up killing him, and then escapes into the night. Jamie Gillis then shows up as an inspector looking for the missing mummy, while a whole host of professors and detectives help him with his search. The whole thing's done with a light-hearted approach that fits the material perfectly. Along the way, we get plenty of first-rate action as well. Cameo turns in a great performance as the daughter of the museum curator. She romps with Don Fernando and Lynn Lemay in one outstanding scene, and takes on Lynn by herself in a steamy Sapphic set-to. Busty Jacqueline takes on Cal Jammer in another great scene, and then Nina wraps things up (so to speak) when she hooks up with Mike Horner in a climactic clinch. Fun to watch and highly erotic, this one's a great way to catch Nina and Cameo in their passionate primes. "Collector's Choice!" -- X-Rated Videotape Guide III.


Who says that vintage porn isn't full of shocking moments? This outdoor porn orgy is going to knock your socks off, especially when you see all five of them going at it. Jane, Gemma and one of their friends is getting nasty with Harry Reems and Raymond. To make it even hotter they're not even hiding their orgy in their house. Instead they just roll out the blankets and start doing it outside. Maybe they're looking for a few of their neighbors to come join them or they just get one hell of a kick out of thinking people are watching them.

Peek Freak

She Was Too Hot To Just Watch! When a sexually indulgent couple discover a promiscuous young girl has moved across the courtyard from their bedroom, they become so erotically charged from wacthing her sexual exploits that they become PEEK FREAKS. Peeping in on her, they see hugely hung black studs, aggressive lesbians and groups of horny men who revel in her hedonistic exhibitionism. Caught up in her sex games, they finally meet her and discover the other side of looking in!

Let's Get Wet

This classic film features some of the hottest porn stars with great bodies that will make your eyes wet just from looking at them. The pool is where everyone goes to relax and just have fun. The girls in this movie get more than wet and experience a lot more fun

Supermaschio Per Mogli Viziose

John Holmes works in a bank but has low self-esteem and is very insecure with women. He gets treatment from a psychiatrist (Erminio Bianchi) but is unable to overcome his problem. One day the De-vil (Kieran Canter) appears to John and offers to help him. But first John must sign a blank contract with him. John reluctantly agrees and the De-vil in return makes John a super-seducer who can charm any woman by just looking deep into her eyes. John quickly starts using his new gift to seduce his boss's wife Karin (Karin Schubert), whom he has been lusting after for a long time. Together with his two horny buddies (Christophe Clark and Jean Pierre Armand), he also seduces two German tourists (Tracey Adams and Amber Lynn). John gets Karin to introduce him to her friend Marina (Marina Hedman), who is living in a very unhappy marriage. Marina can't bring herself to be unfaithful but John's de-vil-gaze changes her mind and they have sex while Karin legendly watches them and masturbates. John also shares his conquests with his two buddies, and finally he invites his psychiatrist over for a big orgy so he can see that John is cured of his shyness towards women. After the big orgy with John, Karin, Marina, Karin's maid, the German tourist girls, John's buddies and the psychiatrist, John is visited by the De-vil again. He has come to collect what John owes him. The De-vil wants some of John's lovin' too and starts unbuttoning his pants. John protests in vain and the film ends with the De-vil laughing

Butt Bongo Babes

Paula is a sexy divorcee looking for lust in all the wrong places. Like when the plumber arrives and she decides to give him a very private hole to plug. And when a stud named Regis shows up to appraise her house, she shows him the way in through the back door. Even Virginia, her tight-assed realtor, decides to spread her cheeks and get into the anal action. If you like babes with their butt's in the air, just play a little 'Bongo' with these over heated anal chicks!