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NaughtyAmerica - Richelle Ryan bangs student out after class

Rion is in danger of being expelled. He cheated on a test and it is not looking good for him. Luckily his teacher, Richelle Ryan, thinks she can let him slide...as long as he agrees to slide his dic

Secretary blow amateur celebrating his big promotion and was looking for a little pussy

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Showgirl 15: Taylor Evans Fantasies

Pert an d sassy Taylor Evans appears as you like her in the latest collection of erotic adventures on SHOWGIRL quality videotape. She's so young looking and scampish, she looks like a student and when she checks into her teacher's house for a little after-school homework, he clearly forgets himself. Taylor takes it all possible ways from guys and gals, she still can't get enough. She goes on a rampage of tongues and fingers of her girlfriends and then a handy rubber dildo. John Taylor on the highway as she pays a guy back for giving her a ride, first in his car, then on his lap. And don't miss the suntan oil drench episode by the pool. Taylor's got what it takes to wet your appetite.

Tijuana Blue

A whiny dude scores some unnamed stuff from a rather mysterious gentleman in a fedora, shades, and raincoat. The man tries to entice the hapless hippie into doing some running for him, but dude's not into it. His tune changes after he finds out his girlfriend is pregnant ("Ya dumb cunt! Things don't just happen!" he thoughtfully says) and he comes back to Mr. X for the job. Soon, he and his horny visor-wearing cohort are driving to Tijuana to score some dope to mule back. With only the name of a strip club as a contact, they find the place, and what a place it is: one skanky gal dances and gets eaten out, while an extremely busty gal with Weng Weng nipples blows a guy at the bar, all to the tune of Mitch Ryder's "Sock It To Me-Baby" and Question Mark and the Mysterians' "96 Tears"! After engaging in some dangerous activities with these gals, the runners get the name they are looking for ("Oddball") and are then directed to a whorehouse. They then watch one hooker penetrate the other with two dildos, give them some business, then it's off to the beach for a meeting with Oddball and a truly hilarious twist ending. Seriously!

The Young Ones

P.J. Saxon, new to the gay lifestyle, wants to experience every sexual thrill possible while he hangs around porno theaters. Danie, a hustler in New York can be found wherever horny guys congregate looking for action. Pal Johnson spends all of his free time sucking cocks in bathhouses. They are all 'The Young Ones' and they explore scene after scene of uninhibited sex in pubic places. Lust, larceny and young horny bodies fill every minute of this all action film.

Organ Juice

Organ Juice is a real hoot. MARC STEVENS (again) cums on his girlfriend’s face and, the next morning, her pimples are gone! "A million-dollar idea!" Stevens calls it. "Let’s flask it!" Thus, Organ Juice! All his friends are invited in on it and collecting Organ Juice becomes the order of the day. The dialogue here is hilarious. Stevens gives a couple of speeches about how to turn Organ Juice into a million-dollar idea that are positively priceless. In addition, ERIC EDWARDS hams it up as a stereotypical flaming gay executive secretary to Sophie (not Helena) Rubenstein. Their banter about Fire Island is a riot, after which they fuck on her desk. It just so happens that the Rubenstein corporation is looking for a natural, organic blemish cream. So guess what happens next? Yup! Organ Juice! Better yet, watch what happens next. The Deviate got a major kick out of this one, a ’70s hardcore comedy that’s really hot and funny. You’ll no doubt want to donate some Organ Juice of your own!

Bubble Butts 12

Brown Sugar needs footwear, and she needs it bad. Ed is the man with the pumps and he's ready to show her his display. She's footloose and panty free...and jerks him around pretty good! Shannon is on the rebound and Adel is on the prowl for something to jump on. He's a little hard on her and she likes it that way! At least she's up front about liking it from behind. Gail is a cock dock for Ben Wah, a sailor looking for a place to moor his dinghy for the night. She is enamored of his stern missenmast and lets him make a port of call in her poopdeck.

La Penetree

Photographer François gives work a higher priority than he does to his lover Joelle (Hélène Chevalier, but not the Hélène Chevalier of a decade later)), abandoning her mid-love-making after a phone call. Frustrated, she goes on the prowl on her motor bike, looking for sex from a 'substitute' (bouche-trou).

Period Of Attachment

In Period of Attachment, ERIC EDWARDS, sporting a Warren-Beatty-in-Shampoo-look, and his busty wife, LISA MARKS, feel left out of that "hip, happening, 70’s swinging scene." After a banging that’s as hot as Satan’s asshole, they decide to mutually see other people. ("See"? Don’t they mean "fuck"?) Highlights include: Eric having blue flame sex with a hot filly who turns out to be his friend’s wife (!) who recommended her to begin with (!!); Miss Marks eating a black dude’s chocolate mousse on a shag rug; and lesbian action with photographer ROBIN BYRD that delivers the goods in "Cuntachrome." Then a cute JOEY SILVERA and his gal pal read Forum Variations, looking for new deviate sexual roads. "How ’bout sticking a high heel up your ass?" she asks, "Suck my dick," is Joey’s reply. (Hey, can’t argue with logic!) Eric and his wife spy on the action as Joey gives the brunette a spanking before a spunking. Eric and his lady finally come of "bond"-age as well!

Good Morning Saigon

Nicely intercutting actual Vietnam footage (apparently never seen before) with a story of G.I.'s getting laid during the war, Good Morning Saigon features one sensational sex scene after another. It's one of the best collections of heat on video in quite some time. The simple "story" tells of our men in Vietnam, paying prostitutes and finding their sexual gratification. New female Oriental faces add spice, as does another scorcher with Kascha and the handsome Francois. Beautiful Aja appears in only one scene, unfortunately, and that's with Ron Jeremy. He plays the disc jockey character and thankfully keeps his shirt on. Although the editing sometimes borders on nightmarish, the videography is crisp and clean, with straight forward direction by veteran Milton Ingley. With a hot looking box cover (featuring Aja in fatigues), this one ranks as Zane's best production since Backside To The Future.

Fuk Fuk A Brasileira

FUK FUK A BRASILEIRA (aka FUK FUK THE Brazilian) is a goofy piece of South American sleaze that should be a bit more appealing to the "average" exploitation/porn fan. Eschewing many of the typical 80s-era Brazilian porn entrapments (namely the common graphic depictions of guy-on-guy sex) - FUK FUK is a bit more "universal" slice of un-PC sleaze that is sexy, trashy, and truly funny at the same time. FUK FUK (played by mini-Brazilian porn-star Chumbinho) is a freaky-deaky little guy with a crate full of dildos who has a knack for finding his way out of and getting himself into some sticky situations. Whether it involves flushing himself down a toilet to escape a jealous husband, stealing a passerby's umbrella as a disguise, putting a dildo on his foot to pleasure a housewife, having his dick almost cut off with hedge-clippers, whacking-off while staring at a statue while looking through a hole in a piece of wood, jerking-off to a poster of Marilyn Monroe and then toying with a giant penis statue that shoots a ginormous load in his face, or inexplicably shooting fireworks out of his ass - FUK FUK is here to please... Yet again, I have zero idea what the hell FUK FUK A BRASILEIRA is actually about. The plots of pretty much all of these Brazilian hardcore/exploit films make absolutely no sense to me. What I can tell you, is that FUK FUK is one of the "lighter", more ridiculously bizarre, and more entertaining pieces of Brazilian trash-cinema that I've seen. If you think that you'd dig an unintelligible film about a midget getting caught in a bunch of sexually compromising situations, then you'll probably like this one. I know I did...I think

Virgin Forest

In the opening of The Virgin Forest, a soporific voice-over narration accompanies a seemingly endless montage of pastoral scenes: mountains, woods, babbling brooks, and so on. In the midst of jokes, anecdotes, and adages, the narrator promises "unexpected pleasures and adventures. "While we expect the unexpected, we are entertained with nuggets of burlesque-style wisdom like, "A girl should use what Mum Nature gave her, before Dad Time takes it away," and, "The wages of sin are high, unless you know someone who’ll do it for nothing. Tee-hee. Finally, we meet three outdoorsmen — a photographer, a hunter, and a fisherman — whose conversation actually makes you long for the return of the narrator. Then, one by one, they run into three nature gals. "Ohmygod!" exclaims the hunter, "I was looking for squirrel and I found beaver!" Okay. The fisherman actually reels his catch in from the lake — a big buxom blonde who proves to be a sucker-fish. After fucking outside, they all convene at "Ferguson’s Cabin" and fuck inside, proving, of course, that the forest is hardly virgin though there’s plenty of stiff wood.

Naval Focus

This story of sailors lack authenticity, structural unity, and sexual heat. With the exception of Tom Rucker, who shines in both of his sex scenes, and Steven Dey, who comes alive in his scene with Rucker, the cast is vapid and uninteresting. The camerawork and sets are mediocre at best. The nice-looking box, by the way, advertises Ansel Rainer as director, but the video's credits list de Paul.

Sexual Awareness

“Come, my dear, join our cult and obey the master’s call.” says Aaron (Tyler Horne) to the nude woman spread on the table, er. I mean, the “altar.” “You can’t be serious,” she wisely retorts. Too late! “You’re now a member in the highest standing of our order and cult.” The prize? Sex with geeky Jerome. No wonder this cult only has a few members… Black hippie chick Jennifer is interested in the occult so she visits Aaron to learn more. “Obey… Obey… Obey…” he says, which, of course, translates as. “Fuck… Fuck… Fuck…” Then a detective shows up looking for cult member Dorothy, who has really scary eye makeup and is in a trance. Aaron “explains the ways of the occult” by touching the detective’s forehead and soon the private dick is dicking Dorothy’s privates. Watching, Aaron says, “Come, Almighty One, come, come.” lifts his robe and squirts. The End.

Pensionat heißblütiger Teens

The film opens with Marilyn Jess and Julai Perrin being made to remove their panties by the headmaster. Then there is an abrupt cut to Dominique Saint Claire (Madame Birch, the owner of the Pensionnat Birch) leading a horse accross a field accompanied by Danièle Troeger. Cut to Jean-Pierre Armand, with curly hair and moustache, driving a bus up to Dominique's house. He goes in and she plays the dominatrix in a b/g scene dressed in her hacking jacket. Then we see Marilyn Jess and Ella Rose looking at an old dirty book and masturbating in the toilet. A female teacher, Mlle Angel Mulot (XNK0546) catches them at it and takes them away for a bit of corporal punishment. But there is also a polarodi picture of a man with an erection sticking out of his jeans. This falls to the floor when Marilyn Jess removes her panties, later causing trouble for the teacher. The headmaster sees part of this and then walks in on the female teacher as she dildos herself with the end of the crop. A b/g scene follows. The headmaster, Madame Birch (Dominique Saint Claire) and the teacher discuss the polaroid in the office.

Electrosex 1975

Paul, a grinning idiot suffering from male pattern baldness, happily tells his mangy friend Jim that he has created the perfect woman. "Alpha, Gamma and Delta" are three naked, stoned-looking -"robots" programmed for pleasure. The attractive trio are sexual Power Rangers who have "ON/OFF" buttons behind their ears - how he managed to create robots with tan lines is never explained ...

Hot Chocolate

While may be very far from the best video production, it may well be one of the most important. Like their colleagues in Hollywood's mainstream film community, few porn producers use black performers in their films. Hot Chocolate, director Drea's snappily edited, shot-live-on-video story provides a rare glimpse of an entirely black cast. The story surrounds basketball and the sexual double dealing of two guys (that's siblings, not "guys") and one women from a local college who engage in all kinds of sexual shenanigans to try and recruit "Sweet" George Brown, a top prospect. The wives seduce George (one eats potato chips while getting laid, the girl recruiter gets him in bed and the guys lay each other's wives and the girl recruiter. The sexual permutations are aplenty. The cast, while mostly average-looking, provide a pleasant distraction from the usual hardcore stuff. But the sex scenes range from very hot to very dull, with the best including Tony El-Ay (George) and the decent looking Cinnamon Dream after George is done working out on his exercise bike. While the thin story-line and one setting (a house) give Hot Chocolate a low-budget feel, I can only wish that others in the adult industry will include more black performers in their films and videotapes. I hope this one is a big-seller and that more follows.

Lache-Moi Les Valseuses

The love story between a small rogue, Herve and a lower middle class girl, Linda. Looking to find his girl Linda back, the dad falls for a hoodlum. Life will change for them.

Wet and Wild

A lot of ink has been spilled discussing the filth-laden career of Michael Findlay. Here’s a rare chance to see one of his hardcore features. Twisted scenarios are Findlay’s trademark. Wet & Wild is no exception. We open with his camera prowling 42nd Street. It’s like traveling back in time, before the sacred Deuce was defanged by greedy politicians and Disney. Rows of lit-up marquees, peepshows, X-rated theatres and nudie bars bring a lump to the throat. (Snuff is shown playing at the National!) In a Times Square grindhouse, a ski-masked sex fiend, brandishing a .38 caliber pistol, busts into the projection booth. He takes the projectionist to run porno flicks. We’re taken on a foot-to-the-floorboards ride on a sexual safari through New York City’s gutter. ("A steamy, seedy jungle of unfettered sex!") Screamingly demented narration accompanies sperm-tossing stroke footage. We visit a haven for hookers called The Camelot (Cum-a-lot is more apt). "Hundreds of rooms. Hundreds of groaning beds." As a vacant-eyed woman plays with herself the voice-over explains, "A typical Camelot apartment, with garish Castro-Convertible furniture and a biz-arre-looking girl with a brown, wooden banana who’s been told by a customer to shove it up her not-so-dainty twat." The film roars along with slurping and slamming galore. The narrator sounds like Ron Popeil ("She’ll fuck it! She’ll suck it! She’ll twist it and jerk it till it’s blue!"). We watch some fun-loving lesbians at the Peek and Pay. ("Two nymphettes whose taste in underwear is pretty good.") It ends with a cum-filled orgy run by "Pete the Pimp". All these scenes are watched by the sex-mad psycho. Apparently he didn’t get off on this "Pandora’s Palace of pounding pricks and pulsating pussies." It ends with the projectionist’s bullet-ridden body slumped against a poster of Olga’s House of Shame! This is a Michael Findlay film. You expected a happy ending?!

Bitches In Heat Volume 6

If you're looking for a good classic porn flick, this is the movie for you. It has 4 great sex scenes for you to check out. You'll love watching the lesbian scenes! First you'll see two sexy sluts fucking each other while a peeping tom stands outside looking in the window! But he gets his just desserts! The second scenes features two lovely ladies in the bathtub doing what every man dreams about watching! There are two male-female scenes too with lots of cock sucking and fucking going on! Enjoy!

Show It Hard

This exciting video stars twelve of the greatest looking young guys you've ever seen in 5 hot sex scenes. They may be hot, but the action is hotter. You'll see plenty of jocks, daddies, and uncut young studs getting down and dirty on each other. Talk about hot. Bought to you by Bacchus! Cum-eating Randy Sutton rims Michael Cummings and then they flip-flop. Michael Wayne and Sparky O-Toole 69, and then Michael fucks Sparky. He slowly pushes his cock in and out of Spark's tight ass before pulling out to cum without touching himself! He shoots his load and hits Sparky's hair!

New York City Pro

The Big Apple has got Leo down. He's looking for men who share his hunger for hot sex. He finds them in the form of the paperboy, some weightlifting studs, and numerous hung strangers. When all is said and done, New York City isn't such a lonely place after all - for Leo.

Jackoff Champs

This hot video features eight great looking young guys, each doing his "own thing" by himself. First is long-haired Tommy Jones -- what beautiful eyes, what a body! Next, are blond surfers, Greg Landon who goes first, then Steve Lancer who "gets off" on his surf board. No. 4 is Jamie Ryan. Jamie's body is smooth with absolutely no body hair. Jamie actually sucks on his own big cock and comes in his mouth. Next is Duane Henderson, then Bill Anderson. No. 7 is another horny long haired guy, Michael Fox. Last is Alan West - a real beauty.

Night Temptress

Trying to shed the Spielberg-look of their past two ventures, directors Ferrand and Davy stay a little bit closer to this time zone with The Night Temptress. Well, maybe even that's a matter of interpretation. Mistress Jacqueline, who can usually be found in some bondage-submission dungeon, is called upon to do something a little more mainstream. Here, she plays a sort of female Rod Serling-Tinkerbell. With soft, caressing voiceovers and cute insert shots revealing her dimples, pearl drops smile and chandelier-sized earrings, Jacqueline plays a creature who inhabits our repressed sexual dreams and comments in a kind of poetry best found in volumes of Lord Byron and Keats. Sharon Kane plays a frustrated housewife (is there any other kind?) who's about to confront the powers of Jacqueline. Kane, married to wham-bam hubby Jesse Eastern, is looking to clean the sexual corrosion off her battery poles. Jacqueline allows her to cut loose, thus setting up some pretty weird segments with nosey neighbor Lee Caroll. Eastern with Lynn Lemay, and the compulsory orgy sequence. The Lemay scene begs for comment since Eastern takes a monumental career risk by donning garter belt, stockings an women's makeup to establish the truly kinky side of Kane's fantasies (she's imagining Jesse doing a role reversal with "hooker" Lemay). The last time I saw something like this was actor Richard Goldstone in Alex de Renzy's Passions. I think Goldstone is working as a night watchman in a spittoon factory these days. Hope Jesse has his money in CD's – but he's great in what the scene calls for, nonetheless. Creatively and sexually, The Night Temptress is everything you've come to expect from Pure Class Productions. First rate video making all the way and a fascinating mix or romance and high voltage kink. Stores should support this big budget, worthy sexvid.

School For D Girls

School For D Girls, a private residence for wealthy but motley-looking reform-school rejects, run by pretty but prim Mrs. Wellington (Orita De Chadwick), "a harsh disciplinarian." As is quickly made obvious, this is the only school where an F is a goal, not a failing grade. Mrs. W’s main duty, however, is keeping Peter, her long-haired, greaseball guy, away from the girls. "You don’t need bad girls..." says Mom, who pacifies him by slurping on his sausage until she gets a faceful of her guy’s love. Nevertheless, as fine as fucking Mum is, Peter loves screwing around with the girls. Unfortunately he also loves deleting them. Black girl Cathy is the first to get screwed and stabbed. Next, Asian babe Oko, who looks perpetually dazed, is likewise balled and bladed. And a gum-chewing tart with red bows in her hair is titty-fucked, then suffocated with a plastic bag. Meanwhile, Mommy Wellington spanks new student Suzanne, then casually mauls her muff while murmuring, "Very strange... I don’t know... Very strange..."

Sex Symbol

It's not me to take my clothes off in front of a camera! Angela Summers screams at Tianna. that's like Ted Kennedy saying, "I think the young lady was mistaken, officer." Movie producer Sean Michaels wants Summers to disrobe. I just hope his sales pitch is slicker than his opening scene with assistant Tianna where he stumbles over his lines like Helen Keller looking for an electrical outlet. Summers has a "convince me to do this" scene with Tianna that's fairly ballistic. But watch out, here comes the cliche! "Let's look at some videos and see how tasteful your scene can be," says Tianna. You know the rest. Trixie Tyler renders a couple of scenes, one with Michaels that's pretty decent. By the way, Angela gets convinced, and she carries out her mission with Biff Malibu in grand style. But, I bet you already knew that.

In Search of the Wild Beaver

A virginal young man's first forays into sexual maturity are the subject of this tantalizing treat from 1986. Well, that's one way to put it. Yet another would be that a frat guy and his buddies traipse around the desert in a motor home looking for the mythical 'wild beaver.' The action begins when Kevin James comes back from vacation with his parents' new mobile home. Although his frat guys think that he's actually a bit of a jerk, they're more than happy to take advantage of the situation. They convince him to pack the van full of ale and beef jerky and set out for parts unknown, promising him a sexually crazed good time if he agrees. Needless to say, he agrees. The guys head for the desert, intent on finding the wild beaver that they've promised to Kevin. The whole thing is played at a very light-hearted pitch and is populated with some of the spiciest women of 80s erotica. Special kudos go out to the original Kimi Gee, a petite Asian-American treat who romps her way through her sex scene with a giggly and fun demeanor. Busty Candie Evans is also good as Kevin's first potential mate, while Buffy Davis lends her prodigious curves to a frantic coupling of her own. A nice taste of mid-80s porn that should appeal to anyone into natural figures and high-pitched hi jinx.

Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 18

What a pretty blonde!...Lounging on the red bed with her pointy pink tongue darting and nice big casabas swaying... And this kinda ordinary-looking ’60s couple playing footsie...what is that guy with the ponytail, a stoned-aged Yuppie? Some nice-looking girls in nasty action, now: like this cute pixie-haired brunette with the bodacious build, and the cute dark-haired busty blonde...are those pencil erasers on her chest, or is she just glad to see us? Whaddya know! A short-haired ’60s guy! Pokin’ his paw in that shapely blonde’s panties, checking out her hair situation. Jeez! How did this skinny dude wind up with two busty beehive babes! There’s no justice.

All For His Ladies

Certainly, in any listing of the super-studs of XXX-rated movies, John Leslie will be in the top five. This tape leaves no question of how he earned the title. Leslie and Director Anthony Spinelli spend an hour and a half looking at scenes from their previous work together, while ostensibly waiting for John's next leading lady to arrive, but this viewer forgot about her very quickly. Never before have I seen such a non-stop presentation of the most beautiful and talented women inXXX today, being pleasured by one of the genre's most talented actors. Leslie performs with his usual wit, vigor and talent, and oh, those ladies!!! Most of your favorites are probably represented, and whatever your pick, her performance will fall somewhere between "terrific" and "unbelievable."But it's important not to lose focus. A lot of this steaming, electric action would never have happened were it not for the major talent of director Spinelli. He's certainly put together the hottest compilation tape I've seen in the past year.

50 Ways To Lick Your Lover

Here's a video to keep your eyes on since award nominations time is upon us. randy Spears gives the comedy performance of the year and his career as a wacko German scientist out of the Sid Caesar school of German accents who has invented a lipstick that's also an aphrodisiac. Before you say, "oh no, another aphrodisiac plot!" I ask you to try it. You'll like it. Screenwriter Gerard Damiano has turned in a script that will make you laugh no matter how many times you view the tape. And the girls —most of the time in lacy underthings— are nothing short of great, Rachel Ryan, one of those ladies who gets better looking every year, is at the height of her attractiveness and sex appeal here. She's also no slouch delivering a comedy line, either. In the raving beauty department there is redhead Veronica Doll who is so good looking it should be wrong. Stores: stock up on this one as it should prove to be a big renter. Hot, funny and sexy —a fine combination.

Ranger Nick 2

Studly Ranger Nick is back and horny as hell! His big rod is looking for some tight ass to plow...and does he ever find it! This classic outdoor feature is remastered for DVD and now available for the first time! Hot men, great sex in the great outdoors...now there's a rugged and wonderful job benefit!

Melissa The Total Female

Dave is a porn director looking to shoot some new scenes with young and promising models. His only problem is his prunish girlfriend who can't stand the idea of him cheating on her with one of the girls. At the end, she calls the police to interrupt his long dreamed orgy in the studio. A silent feature with dubbed voice over, this vintage erotic classic from the early '70s has to offer some real natural beauty and passionate scenes of fucking.

The Coming Thing

Lewd Linda (in a Julie Christie hairdo) arrives in San Francisco looking for a job. She thinks she'd like to try professional modeling buy a photographer talks her into nude modeling: "It's art! Erotica! A turn-on! Sex is a beautiful thing!" She agrees to do "a few test shots" with gawky male model Bob which translates as gulping Bob's baloney as the sleazeball photographer shouts encouragement: "Move your head more, Linda...Swallow it!" She's then impaled,doggie-style, while simultaneously giving the photographer a knob job, leading to a sloppy dose-up of Bob's coming thing. Next, at the house of "this other guy," Linda admires "the biggest, most far-out pillows" she's ever seen. "Really psychedelic!" she enthuses, leading, of course, to some pillow plowing in front of an early VCR. Another job imeririew,this time with a Mr. Dodge (whose company is called "Funky Sam"),ends in a wet three-way with Linda, a secretary, and Dodge's coming thing. Then it's off toa neighbor's apartment for a basic, all-o Jt, on-the-floor orgy with many coming things. Oddly, it's all a flashback told by a buck-toothed blonde to her enthusiastic but than hunky stud until he,too, displays his coming thing. Wear your raincoat.

The Sins of Sandra

Sins of Sandra is set in the high stakes neon jungle of Las Vegas. A bound, blindfolded cute woman is led into the home of "Mr. Ricco". "Why did ya delete Johnny?" he mutters in a terrible Italian accent. The girl’s name is Julie and she tells a sad, sordid story. She fell in love with Johnny, a creepy-looking swinger who operated a strip joint for the syndicate. He takes her to a porno flick where we watch some black dude stuff his root up some white chick's cottage cheese-ridden ass. When Johnny tries to coax Julie into a group grope, she knows the honeymoon’s over. She catches him with Sandra, an Asian with a me-so-horny face. Alone with Julie, Sandra tells her that the mafia has put out a contract on Johnny for skimming profits. They hatch a plan to delete him. Julie, crazed with revenge, doesn’t realize she’s being set up by this Dragon Lady... Who really deleted Johnny the happy humper? Will Mr. Ricco go medieval on Julie’s shapely ass? Did people really dress like that in the 70’s? The answers are all revealed in Sins of Sandra.

Talk Dirty to Me 9

Talk Dirty To Me 9 winds up something like an 80-minute commercial for lesbian dial-a-date. Sex talk show hostess Dr. Connie Morris (Ashlyn Gere) is suspected of being a lesbian - an incendiary piece of news that causes Gere's ratings to plummet faster than Woody Allen's popularity index. Neither really defending nor denying (at least persuasively) the accusations, Gere is starting to attract a lot of lesbian callers-in who have decided to come out of the closet. You'd swear a lot of the call-in dialogue sounds like reconstituted Penthouse Forum letters. Gere's show is on the verge of getting pole-axed, but her misfortunes aren't occurring by accident. Alex Jordan has a competing talk show, and Jordan is at the helm of a conspiracy to frame Dr. Morris - notwithstanding the fact that Jordan's character is herself a lesbian, but not a very active one, judging the merits of her scene with lover Lacey Rose. In a bright outdoor pool setting, Jordan goes to muff-dive Rose, but Alex's mouth looks like it's been super-glued to Lacey's pussy - the scene stresses that one and one angle only. B-o-r-i-n-g! Ditto a simultaneous masturbation sequence featuring Randi Jones and Christine Appleleigh. Yawn. The show tries to make some valid points, and its look is technically solid. However, an attempt to cram in a 1000 points of light on gay lifestyles while getting the requisite number of sex scenes leaves the overall production looking hurried and incomplete with an absolutely cornball resolution. The fact that psychologist Peter North gives Gere a "gay test" (for crying out loud) to prove she's normal and thus save her program, is absurdist poppycock. A couple of the sex scenes are cut abruptly; Marc Wallice is credited in the production but his actual screen appearance is reduced to five seconds of camera cutaway, as he "spies" on Chrissy Ann having some very brief outdoor sex with Kris Newz. (There's a behind-the-scenes explanation for the Wallice thing, I'm sure.) Anal fans will be disappointed that Stacey Nichols who is famous for her butthole beatifics performs only straight sex with lawyer (???!!!) T.T. Boy, while Gere looks just plain "screen-tired" for the most part, especially in her early-on tryst with Mike Horner. A noble dress rehearsal if it were a rehearsal, but somebody's slip is showing.

Your Neighborhood Doc

A pretty cute woman visits Your Neighborhood Doc with the usual complaint: every day, a cuckoo bird comes out of her snatch. Yes, that’s what she says. Naturally, the Doc — a staunch practitioner of heteropathic medicine — finds this most interesting. "Right out of this little hole?" he asks, zeroing in on the afflicted orifice. He first tries to coax the cuckoo bird out with his fingers. When that doesn’t work, he uses his tongue. He finally sends his cuckoo bird in after her cuckoo bird and the operation is a success. As the patient says while ogling his rigid manhood. "That’s the cuckoo bird I’ve been looking for!" Meanwhile, the Doc’s two lovely nurses take care of all the male patients who drop into the office. These guys all have cuckoo birds of their own and the nurses know exactly how to treat them. They begin with a therapeutic blowjob. Then comes the healing twat massage, applied to the face of mouth of the patient. This is followed closely by deep muscle stimulation, rhythmic probing, and a cum shot which usually cures the cuckoo bird of its rigor sexus, thank God. This one’s a hot howler from the bygone era of Lunatic Porn.You’d be cuckoo to miss it. When the Doc is done, The Pussy Hunters take over. While their husbands go hunting, horny housewives ANDY BELLAMY, "America’s Canned Corn Queen," and BECKY SHARPE (nubile star of the smut classic The Teaser) cool their jets back in a cabin by playing in a bathtub with a floating dildo.

The Phantom of the Cabaret

Actually shot on location in Paris, this 1989 re-telling of the Phantom of the Opera story is a moody, surprisingly effective success. The story has been updated to the present day, and the opera house has been turned into a seedy strip club owned by Rick Savage. Jamie Gillis plays the Phantom, a lonely man who works as the janitor at the club. He wears a mask to hide a hideous scar in his face, but he has nowhere to hide from the taunts and insults of his greedy boss. Into this scene comes writer Randy Spears, who's looking for stories among the swirl of American ex-pats on the Left Bank. Randy meets and falls for a sweet girl from the States who works as a stripper at Rick's club (played memorably by a youthful Keisha). But Rick's a mean so-and-so, and he's determined to show all of his girls just who's boss. He puts them through some degrading moments, including chocking up one of his strippers (Bionca) to have sex with the long-suffering Phantom. Don't be scared off by all this plot, though -- it only serves as a backdrop for some fabulously captured sex form some of the 80's top starlets. Keisha and Collette (a brunette from France) particularly stand out, turning in searing scenes and looking absolutely gorgeous.

Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 16

That Nancy Sinatra-ish brunette, lounging on the pillows, sure isn’t shy; she’s thrusting her...personality...right in our faces! Several nice ’60s couples get into some motel action, but Ricky is too relaxy to satisfy poor Anne, so she has to get herself going. Pity. The skinny guy with the hippie beard is digging in the brunette’s panties looking for hers, which turns out to be hairier than his. And that gang of girls playing twister in the nude...are they up to something "unnatural"? Wow! This blonde in knee socks sure is cute. And that dark-haired dollie gives a whale of a sloppy stick-lick. There’s a tattooed, goateed guy nuzzling nice nips, and that bi-racial picnic won’t be interrupted by ants-in-the-pants ’cause there aren’t any...pants. And that little blonde and her surfer-type dude sure look pretty rolling around on each other!